Medicare Advantage / Supplement

Welcome to the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Section of my website. If you are turning age 65 or already are age 65, then you want some clear answers to some difficult questions. So here is how this section of my website is broken up:

First: What is Medicare and what are the four parts that comprise it?

Second: This displays the grid which shows your choice between choosing a Medicare Supplement/Part D program versus a Medicare Advantage Program.

Third: I go over some basic questions and answers and teach you how to choose what program and insurance company to go with.

Fourth: I explain when and how you can apply for Medicare or change programs if you are unhappy with your current program.

As you are making your decision about who you want to work with, please remember the following:

1) As to Medicare Advantage programs, I get paid the same no matter which insurance company you choose.  It costs you nothing to have me help you in this process as the insurance companies pay me to help you choose among them, so you do not have to go it alone because you do not want to pay someone to help you

2) I represent multiple companies so I provide you with all of your available options so you can pick the program and insurance company that is right for you!!!!..and

3) I am not just another insurance broker, I am an attorney too. Medicare is all about dealing with government regulations and insurance contracts. Who better to help you with that than a attorney highly experienced in both?