Credit Repair


The average person thinks that bad credit is a seven to ten year sentence. The reality is that having bad credit is a choice. You don’t have to be a victim of the credit bureaus and the credit industry. You can choose to try to improve your credit and I’m the attorney to help you do that. Please read further to see how.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Fair Credit Billing Act and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act are your protections and your weapons to fight back. These Acts give you protections against having your credit destroyed unfairly. The Acts also provide a way for you to fight back to be sure that everything listed on your credit report is accurate, timely and verifiable. It does not mean sort of accurate, kind of timely and hopefully verifiable. I promise to work to get it right for you!

Asserting your rights is exactly what I do. While it is against the law to guarantee you any kind of result, credit repair and restoration is an area of practice that I am highly trained in to help you. I use a two-fold strategy. The first phase is fighting for your rights under the Acts as to the items listed on your credit report. Together we go over every single line item and all the individual entries on your report. Next we develop a game plan and determine which items to focus on and then we execute that plan. The second phase is that I will work to help you establish relationships with new vendors. This entire process normally takes somewhere between six to twelve months on average.

Since I am licensed to practice law in the State of California, I only accept clients within the boundaries of the State of California. Anyone outside California will need to find a competent attorney in their home state to assist them.