Welcome to the Wild West of ObamaCare!

Welcome to the Wild West of Obamacare!! Welcome to Obamacare, the new world of health insurance. I wish I could say that it is easy to purchase health insurance but it is just isnt. I am Steve Bliss, a Certified Insurance Agent with Covered California, the Obamacare exchange for California consumers and I am here to be of service to you, the California consumer. So signing up for a health insurance policy for either an individual, family or small group policy is a piece of cake now right? And you can do it all yourself, buy the best product and get the right subsidy or tax credit and not get into trouble with the government down the road too? Well, I am not so sure about that. Reality is that you do not have to go it alone as I can help you and it doesn’t cost you a nickel. The insurance companies pay me a commission to be your agent. If you go it alone without an agent, you do not save any money and most likely didn’t do the best that you could for yourself, your family or your business. I have seen consumers who were staring at a $1,000 a month health insurance premium for a family of four making median income have an actual out of pocket cost of under $300.00 per month because of the subsidy and then realize almost 90{101dfa813761f2ee11cc0642c58ea4c8c59ef05f1e4ce84ab7a8c1732b654ffd} savings on their deductibles and copays because they took the time to work with me. Small business owners can get a tax credit of up to half of the monthly insurance premium too. There is a good deal for you if you are the target market for Obamacare. So are you? Is getting the right health insurance policy, getting the best subsidy and cost reductions you can, saving yourself a ton of grief and aggravation worth a little bit of your time? If it is, then contact me and let’s get started.